We are masters in the erotic technique and the performing art of the NURU Massage. Uncensored, uninhibited, unashamed, unimaginable fantasies unleashed.

How to play: mix 50/50 equal parts gel and warm water and pour generously over your bodies. 

Note: Please test gel on a small area of your skin. Discontinue use if rash, redness or itching occurs. Consult physician if irritation persists. DO NOT ingest and keep out of reach of children.


With the NURU Massage, as in every form of fiery love-making, ”sexy” begins with your imagination. So take a minute to forget about work and chores; lose yourself in stolen moments of fantasy — the ones you never tell but long to fulfill. We’ll give you a moment.


Create your very own playground with our NURU PLAY sheet, spread across your bed (or the floor, or dining room table…). Face each other, eyes locked, lips licking, bodies trembling, and begin the slow pouring of the gel.

With the teasing of the fingertips and the pressure of the palms, fondle your partner’s body. Loaded with Vitamin B12; rich with antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic benefits, NURU PLAY Gel is natural, so pour with abandon! Our sheet will capture the overflow as your skin bathes in the moisture, absorbs the nutrients and glistens with a wet and wild glow.


Increase the intensity and heighten the intimacy as they eagerly submit to your growing hunger and feasting eyes. How delicious to be so desired. Quivering with expectation, whisper your most titillating promises. Then fulfill them.

Skin to skin, every nerve-ending at attention, glide along their shoulders and back, effortlessly thrusting to meld your passion into theirs. With long, exquisite strokes, using your full body as the massage, you move with a newfound motion.

If the NURU PLAY Gel needs to be refreshed, repeat the full body application, caressing as often as you’d like. You may slow the pace or quicken it as you renew the lusty sensations of your exotic journey.


Squeeze and tweak their buttocks and thighs, letting your contours press and pulse against theirs. Listen for every sigh, note when the body squirms and stiffens as your fingers pry. Linger where you heard the sigh, where the body writhed in ecstasy. Linger where your passions lead you.

Everyone knows the body’s most erogenous parts, and too often start where it’s best to finish. It’s the areas around these zones that are ripe for endless exploration. Find them. Play with them. Make them your own.

Kissing, licking and sucking the sensitive earlobe will keep them burning. Use your tongue to lightly circle each curve and edge. Startle them with a nip or a nibble. Slow kisses or even lightly blowing on the neck will make the entire body quiver and stir areas where deeper desires will smoulder.

The circular motion is an erotic approach that promises exquisite satisfaction. Use it at the top of the spine, under the wrist, behind the knee and a luscious lick along the inner thigh.

Around the nipples (hers and his) — round and round you go — where you stop, everybody knows. But don’t put out the flames so fast. Foreplay is the key to sexual euphoria. So keep those fires burning.


The NURU Massage ends where every fever-pitched sexual adventure ends: bodies entwined, undulating in and out of the undercurrent, like the ebb and flow of the ocean. Teasing and tempting the shoreline, hear them roar.

When every promise has been fulfilled, it’s time to satisfy the peak of sexual pleasure like a force of Nature. Ride the wave of NURU together; pitching, tossing, bursting onto the sand into a very happy ending.